The Summary

It would be a huge disservice to the years of learning, challenge and triumph I’ve navigated if I didn’t share it with anyone. If I can step into the shining bright light and offer a different point of view to someone who needs to hear it, then it makes my experiences up until this point well worth it. The times that were full of belly laughter, ugly sobbing crying and sleepless nights full of worry.

My vision for this site, for my writing, for my workshops, Reiki sessions and mentoring Entrepreneurs is to share my own facts. Together we’ll explore being in the trenches, climbing out of the trenches and celebrating, and returning again to learn and discover something new. I’ll share personal stories with insightful guidance, Entrepreneur strategy and anything else that I’m drawn to share with the intention that it helps you widen your perspective so you too can find what you’re in search of.

It’s time.

The Details

Do you remember a time when you couldn’t tag any reasoning on why something was happening? It seemed sooo off base from what you had planned OR it seemed sooo off base compared to how your journey had been unfolding up until now? Yeah, me too!

A super scary(but unfortunately common) diagnosis, a grim and uncertain future for my family, was the first event that opened our eyes into a magical underground world of holistic health all while my first “official” business was in its infancy stage. Now, to be fair, maybe it wasn’t sooo underground but, to me, holistic health was a mysterious world that left me surprised, intrigued and so freakin’ thirsty for more.

Determined to find another answer to our health challenge we set off to discover other paths…new paths…and as it turns out, promising paths that led me to where I am today. There are no accidents. I share that with you because my journey to where I am now, which is still far from where I’ll go, didn’t happen easily, overnight, smoothly or always with grace. There were tears, screaming, grieving and white knuckling through, but, they happened and I’m now in this chapter of my life story while you’re in your own chapter of your own life story.

It’s been almost 7 years now since I…eventually we…discovered the world of holistic health and entrepreneurship. By holistic I mean, alternative, organic, natural, hippie….all those fun terms that make me smile so much the wrinkles on my mouth show and make my ears perk like a dog that hears the treat bowl open. 🙂 Entrepreneurship…the word that is mocked up to be glamorous, easy and full of amazement but in truth can be lonely, scary and debilitating. Sometimes it’s a unicorn prancing beside a rainbow and sometimes, without warning, it transforms into a bull shooting out of an unlocked gate.

The result . . . I refuse to bottle up my knowledge, my experiences and point of view any longer. And, if I’m being honest, the only person that was truly keeping me from sharing, is the same person that looks back at me in the mirror each morning. Me.

I decide to cut the crap and share what’s real.

I decide to be bold, even if that means being different and making others uncomfortable.

I decide to think more about who can benefit from my experiences instead of worrying about who will judge me for what I say and believe.

My vision for this site, for my writing, for my workshops, Reiki sessions and mentoring Entrepreneurs is to yank back the curtain that I’ve allowed myself to hide behind. To speak with the voice of a lion instead of a mouse, to put my big girl panties on and do this shit. To teach, to share, to provide clarity, freedom and perspective.

The Takeaway

I’ll write to share my truth, my facts, not the facts and stats of others. The truth of my life, what I’ve experienced…what I believe during this season of my own life. Truth to me is when you’re in the shit… in.the.trenches and then share with others who may need to hear that truth too. To be the person that truly gets it, that doesn’t paint a picture of perfection. To be the person that shares my gift of making uncertainty and chaos easier.

Is my way the best way, the right way, the only way? Thankfully, no.

Is what I know a cookie cutter answer for everyone? No, I strongly dislike cookie cutter ways.

What I do have with full certainty is magic to share, and so do you, by the way, and it’s time to share it.

Let’s get started…..