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We all have things that weigh us down.

When we give everything we have to who we are and what we do everyday, the layers of stress, expectation and exhaustion can add up.

Reiki is a simple, yet powerful, healing method that reduces tension, invites relaxation and helps you peel off those layers that bog you down physically and mentally. It recharges you and puts your mind, body and emotions back in balance so you can connect with YOU again.

It’s a non-invasive, fully clothed 60 minute session where I help you facilitate and recharge the energy you already have within you.    Along with the Reiki session is an optional Chakra clearing that involves clearing each of your seven Chakra’s with healing crystals.

My personal story with Reiki. . .

We all have something that makes us feel magical.  The sense of peace, excitement, satisfaction, purity. . .the feeling of awe.  That’s how I felt after my first Reiki session in 2017 and how I continue to feel as I invite and incorporate Reiki throughout my life and business.

I knew nothing about it but had a friend say “You’ll love it, try it, it’s life changing” and she was right.   I went into my first session with no idea what I was getting into other than a short “I can’t explain it, just do it”.  I was intrigued and searching for relief and Reiki just.seemed.right.

I’ll never forget walking to my car and feeling such peace, ease and certainty.  Like my reset button had been pushed allowing me to release some of the thoughts, feelings and baggage I had been toting around.   I felt pure, rejuvenated, cleansed and motivated to take on the f—–g world. It elevated me and empowered me. My flame had been lit again.

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