The Summary

After many moments of struggle, hard decisions and a tornado of emotions I made BIG changes in my business. I was unsure what pieces to pick up. I was unsure who I was without “the business” and who I was as a Mom of three now. Chin up or chin down I vowed to keep putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

Because there are no accidents, people and pathways began showing up in front of me and I began a journey of self exploration. Parts and pieces, emotions and experiences, that I’d shoved deep down, nice and safe, in hopes that they would dissolve over time.

After divine intervention and a magical meeting with someone I’d never met, I was introduced to Reiki. Without a clue of what it was, what it meant or what would come of it, I booked my first session.

Alongside my exploration I birthed a new business. A business that would serve others in the highest good while also serving my family and I.

The Story

It had been a hard year and a half. It would be easier to tell you that transitioning to three kids when I had my youngest daughter went smoothly. It would be easier to tell you that deciding to shut down my business of 6 years, 5 months after she was born was uncomplicated and simple. But I won’t because that’s not the truth.

If I wasn’t awake in the middle of the night struggling to breastfeed I was awake worrying, planning and brainstorming on how to make it all work and get all.the.things.done. in my life and business. The decision to close my business was a hefty one. One that affected not only me and my family, but 15 team members, my clients and their businesses. Whoa. No pressure.

I sat alone at the kitchen table sobbing, an ugly terrible sob, grieving the business I was letting go of. A business that needed more from me than I could give it at the time. A business I had taken more risks on than anything else in my life.

For the rest of that year I began exploring a deeper side of me . . . discovering and peeling back layers exposing me to buried emotions and feelings. And, at divine timing and in a bizarre encounter(although there are no accidents), I was introduced to Reiki.

Even though my physical body portrayed swollen eyes and a blotchy face from crying minutes before, I felt bliss after my first Reiki session. It took one session for me to fall in love.

As I was creating a new business that was more in tune with our lifestyle, and reflected my current gifts and passions, I yearned to learn more about Reiki. I began reading, taking certification classes and flirting with the idea of adding another level, separate and one in the same, to my business.

Reiki became, and still is, a wonderful inside world I can slip away to. A world that relieves me of being pulled in fifteen different directions. A world that doesn’t ask or expect anything of me. A world that embraces me when I need to release emotion and stand in my truth. A world that is always inviting, accepting, quiet, forgiving and peaceful. It has a magical way of connecting me back to me again. It cleanses my mind, balances my physical body, mind and soul so they dance together again in harmony instead of battling for the coolest seat on the bus of life.

The Takeaway

Trust. As we walk through our own journeys there are opportunities sprinkled around us. Had I not followed a hunch to set up a coffee meeting with someone I’d never met before, the introduction of Reiki may have been postponed. I’m thankful I listened. I’m thankful I acted.

Walk through the fog. I had no idea what I would do with Reiki, if anything. It didn’t matter though. I felt pulled to it. If it feels right, take the path, take one step at a time, even if you can’t see through the fog.

Different is okay. If you haven’t experienced it already, there will be a time when the best route for you to take is going against the grain. This could be met with resistance. Hold true to what feels like it will serve you the best in this moment. Dig your heels in.

If you want to explore Reiki I have more information on The Reiki Room.

The Quote

Do what’s uncool. Choose the seat that’s best foryou and only you on the bus of life.