The Summary

Goals and resolutions are overrated.   It sets a perimeter for you to fall above or below a self made line with a stigma of whether you succeed or not.  No thank you. 

I didn’t set goals for 2019 in my life or business.   I have a 24/7 Entrepreneur mind that’s influenced with Reiki by the minute.   Setting goals for the entire year would be one the silliest ways to spend my time.   A lot changes in a year and even more can change when you go with flow in life and business, trusting that you are exactly where you should be in each moment. 

When I reflected on 2018 and thought about 2019 I decided to approach it with PURE honesty.  To be realistic with myself, give myself grace and stand in my truth on what that really looks like.  My conclusion?   To list out a few ideas(and by list I mean simply write out on lined paper with a pencil, no fanciness) what I’d like the first quarter of the year to look like.  When that’s up, I’ll quickly reflect(no long term analyzing over here) and make a new list. Easy peasy.  Do what works for you.  

The Story

When I was transitioning to my very first office space outside of my home office I came across a color coded spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet was elaborate. It reflected my financial goals, month after month and week after week, detailing how many packages I would need under contract, in my then virtual assistant company, along with all the outgoing costs that would increase over time with my increased revenue, resulting in my BIG goal of six figures. Because you know, that was(and still could be) all the hype, making it to six figures.  

It laid everything out,  leaving no room for the Universe to come in and let things flow.  As I looked at it, I realized how much my perspective had shifted.  I realized how much I love that I don’t operate by a detailed plan anymore and how much easier and less tense it is to run a business by going more with the flow than by a color-coded spreadsheet that measures if I’m successful or not.

For example, in my wildest dreams, I would’ve never guessed I would be intertwining a healing practice like Reiki into my business.  This time last year WTF would have been written all over my face at any mention of it. 2019? Anything is possible.  I am boldly opening the gates to any and all possibilities, my mind and heart are open to opportunities to learn, grow, support and guide.

Throughout my years of having a Virtual Assistant firm I watched as clients set HUGE business goals only to disappointingly revisit and completely revamp them in March or April.  Now that I’m consulting and mentoring clients we work as a team to clarify their intentions for the short term first.

The Takeaway

Go with the flow.  Have a gauge, an estimate of sorts, but for the love of all things please give yourself grace with a sprinkle of challenge as you figure out what that looks like.  For me, I’ll be asking for guidance, setting intentions for moments throughout my days, focusing on my thoughts(because they effect SO much) and listening to my intuition louder than any other commotion or guru around.   And, there will be no color coded spreadsheets involved.  😉 

Let go.  The idea is to let go, give yourself grace, be ready to be flexible, pay attention to what comes to you, who comes to you and what direction your being led in.  Dedicate time to your thoughts, noticing when you have certain thoughts, how you feel when you have the thought and how to make more or less of those moments.   Less resistance.  Practice not comparing.  Try to practice less judgment.  Know and believe nothing is an accident, everything is unfolding as it should and we are always where we should be in our life and business.

Bite-sized planning.  My game plan is to pick a few areas of focus and what I want to keep on my radar for the first quarter of the year for my business and my life as a whole.   My moving target, if you will.  As the second quarter comes I’ll reevaluate.  This won’t be something I spend a lot of time on, stress over or analyze much.  It will come as it comes and go as it should.  

Risky? Maybe   

Simple to implement?  Hell yes

A plan of success?  Depends on how you measure success

The Quote

Be ready to be flexible.