The Summary

Is it challenging to try to keep up with all the things you “need” to do so that your business will, be or continue to be, successful? I mean really, the amount of tips, advice and checklists that we are inundated with daily is cray cray. Sifting and sorting through the info can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

My perspective? Do what feels good, do what comes to you well and naturally and do it amazingly well. That’s it.

For now, do that. Master that. Then…maybe…you can add some other magic to the mix. But let’s take the route of ease, simplicity and gratification for now. Start, test, tweak and repeat.

The Story

Content is King…they say. Content will expand your reach and grow your list…they say. Posting on social media at particular times and so many times a day will grow your followers and increase your revenue…they say.

Yep, all of those are true but so is keeping your sanity and maintaining all the other things pulling at you to keep your life going. When you’re, running, growing and managing ALL.THE.THINGS in your business with me, myself and I as your team, something’s gotta give.

Sure, I could tell you all day long, it’s possible, it’s successful and you’ll see results because I did and so did my clients when I ran my Virtual Assistant firm. . . but at what cost?! Your health? Your family, relationships, quality of life?

Try as we all may, there is some give and take when we push to do all the things. During my “all in, balls to the wall” growth era in my virtual assistant firm I listened to the top gurus, I listened to the advice of my business coach and mastermind group. I released a content packed blog and a video loaded with tips each week, posted and interacted in social media groups each and every day and created articles on various other platforms, just to name a few. I did this for many, many months. I ran hard and pushed with the end result being official burn out. When I shut my firm down all my business content went with it. I.was.done.

The Takeaway

Pick what you can do and do it really, really well. Together, one of my clients and I decided to forego her blogging and all of her email marketing for most of 2018. Crazy, right? She switched her focus and did it amazingly well. The result? She is on track to have an increase in her annual revenue by 52%. Pick it, do it and rock it.

Choose you. If I’ve learned anything on my journey so far, it’s that pushing hard isn’t always the answer and most of the time eventually ends in some kind of physical ailment. Instead, pumping the brakes, coasting and sitting at idle enjoying some down time can produce huge results in many areas of your life and business. White knuckling isn’t a good strategy.

My friend, give yourself some grace and honor the chapter you’re in, in your own book of life. The gurus, the experts, your mentors and the people you idle, they are in their own chapter of their own book. The two aren’t the same and comparing will never be equal.

The Quote

Do you, be you and choose you. That’s all your audience, future audience and followers yearn to learn from you.