Using my Magic for Your Growth

What I do for you doesn’t exactly fit in a box.   It isn’t a cookie cutter program,  a simple checklist of support or a one size fits all plan.

What I do for you is…

 Get You Beyond Your Own Thinking

Together we’ll shine the light on what’s working and not working and discover what’s making you happy and unhappy.  We’ll explore new options, possibilities and fresh points of view so you can see beyond your own thinking. I’ll ask the driving questions so you can find the solution you’ve  been looking for but couldn’t discover because you’re so close to your own challenges.

Explore the Possibilities

You’ll have a safe place to have an open mind to explore your thoughts, plans, and challenges.  With a creative new approach you’ll know what it is that you want and what steps you’ll need to do to make it happen.

Take Action Towards Solutions, Freedom and Structure

You’ll have a clear plan to optimize, automate, delegate, organize, revamp and make your business simple again with realistic solutions and consistent outcomes.

Together we tackle the implementation, we create accountability checkpoints and I offer you consistent guidance along the way. You’ll regain your freedom, space and have the ability to focus on leading your business instead of running it.


You live and work the way you want and need to be successful as an Entrepreneur.

You feel liberated, heard, and excited experiencing motivation each day because you know what you’re supposed to do and what you want.   You’ll have clarity and structure and no longer have to “wing it” to get by(wishful thinking is not strategic thinking).

Proven Success

My clients are ready to release and  on a journey of practicing the art of letting go.  A fresh set of eyes in their business sounds relieving and they are willing to show up and be present.   They are committed to the time and financial investment it takes to turn things around and are open to listening, taking action and embracing change even when it’s uncomfortable.

A day in the life of working with me:

 “Angie is my business powerhouse! She has helped me work my through and find answers to my biggest business questions, including how to grow painlessly and make more money in an easier way. As a solopreneur who has operated my business on my own for years, taking on support like Angie was a scary thought at first. I wasn’t sure if there was anyone out there who could capture the heart of my business and whom I could trust with every inside detail. Angie has proven herself over and over again to be the most reliable, in-tune, on-point and committed business ally I have. She has helped me launch my first online programs, streamline my processes, create a clear growth vision, and stood by me as I’ve made tough choices. She is a business owner’s best ally, resource, and friend.”
-Andrea Holland,

“Angie knows the right questions to ask to help me flush out my vision & what I need the most help with at the time.  She’s open, honest and always clear &  consistent in her communication.  She has this amazing power to take my words and ideas & weave them together into something that makes sense but also inspires action from my client & more creativity from me.”

-Luciana Naldi,

“Working with Angie has infused a breath of fresh air in my small business. She has a brilliant strategic and organizational mind, and she has helped me become more streamlined in my messaging and business processes.
She takes care of the tasks at hand while keeping the overall business goals in mind. She has alerted me to things I was missing–and saved me time and money in the process. I’ve come to deeply trust her instincts–which I’m sure have been honed over years of experience. After talking with Angie (in a coaching capacity) I’m often inspired. I also get clearer and take more effective actions. Saving time means a great deal to me. I’m grateful to have her!”

– April Norris

To fully honor my current clients I only work with a select few Entrepreneurs at a time.  Apply below to work together in the near future. 

Request to Work Together

Other Ways We Can Work Together

The Whole Person Approach

Bringing unison into our whole life means nourishing our mind, body and emotions.   I recognize that my clients have their entire lives happening…all the things that keep everything in motion.   If you’re looking for support in balancing and replenishing your overall life and peeling off the layers that have accumulated along the way visit The Reiki Room.

Explore, Learn and Implement

If you enjoy learning in a small group setting and want to implement tried and true ways to optimize, organize and systematize your business an Entrepreneur Workshop is for you.   Together we’ll tackle the challenges you’re facing in your business, break them down and fix them all in one workshop session.  Find out more here.