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Sifting, Sorting and Uncovering

Three months shy of my virtual assistant firm turning six years old I called it quits.

I was on a direct path to scaling my business, had a team of 15 and was part of a well-known mastermind group BUT I was tired, overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

As a mother of two kids and a newborn I had a full plate, worked long hours all day every day and pushed through when I should have backed off.   I put my family second and my laptop first until I realized that this life I had created, it wasn’t what success looked like to me. That’s not what building my business was all about.  So I stopped.

I gave myself the same gift I give all of my clients – a safe honest place to take a step back and look at what’s happening and what needs to happen instead to serve me and my business.  To live my own personal life of success.

When I did, I realized that most of my business consulting clients thought of me as the “engine” in their business.   I was the driving force that kept their business alive, kept them focused and moving in the planned direction while setting realistic expectations along the way.  I was the invaluable engine for my client’s success, but my own engine was burning out.

I’ve always believed there is an easier way, a smarter way, to do anything.  Anything.  We are so close to our businesses, our lives, our roles, our challenges and goals that we can’t see through the weeds of our own situation to actually find simpler solutions.

I’m here to find the disconnect in your life and/or business, what’s working and not working and what needs to be implemented so you can regain your freedom and focus.   I’m here to create and implement tried and true action plans so you can have a successful life that functions well with less attention from you. I’m here to be the person that puts plans in motion to bring stability, organization, structure, and simplicity back to you.

As I closed the door on activities that were draining my life and business more opportunities were put in front of me to grow my consulting practice and become a Reiki Practitioner.  I’ve embraced my passion for guiding and helping others to act on the nudges their experiencing and empowering them to do what feels good as they explore their own path of success.

As I continue to explore, expand, experience and grow my own life and business I promise to share what I learn with you.  The good, bad and ridiculously amazing.  We’re in it together my friend.