“Angie is my powerhouse! She has helped me work through and find answers to my biggest business and life questions, including how to grow painlessly and work in an easier way.  As a solopreneur who has operated my business on my own for years, taking on support like Angie was a scary thought at first. I wasn’t sure if there was anyone out there who could capture what would serve me best and whom I could trust with every inside detail. Angie is in-tune, on-point and committed to honoring where I am and want to be and stood by me as I’ve made tough choices. She is an amazing ally, resource, and friend.”
Andrea Holland, Holland Communications

I have to say that I do believe our Reiki session had a greater impact than I had expected.  I felt lighter with less internal self-sabotaging thoughts,  more focused and confident. I do believe you gave me that extra “push” I needed to get past my own blocks.  I’m really happy with the overall experience and how I now feel.  You have a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing it with me and the world!


“Angie knows the right questions to ask to get me what I need.  She’s open, honest and always clear &  consistent. She has this amazing power to take my ideas & weave them together into something inspiring.”

Luciana Naldi, LucianaNaldi.com

Angie was so warm and welcoming, I felt at ease with her immediately.   After my Reiki and Chakra Balancing session I was relaxed, felt much brighter and more open and content.  I’m connected more to myself and my baby in my meditations now.  I have more energy at work and enjoyed working with Angie.  I will definitely work with her again!


Angie is such a kind, gentle, intuitive soul!  I’ve been to two of her Reiki circles and look forward to more in the future.   Regardless of your experience with energy work, Angie does a wonderful job of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.


“Working with Angie is a breath of fresh air.  I’ve come to deeply trust her instincts and am inspired after talking with her. I’m grateful to have her!”


Angie is amazing at what she does, from coaching to Chakra Balancing, she is a jack of all trades.  I highly recommend her and her services!