I’m a wife and mom who has an amazing gift of delivering clarity and simplicity to life and business challenges.  A passionate mid-western gal falling in love with hippie traditions, power tools and getting her hands dirty with actual dirt.

I’ve been in your shoes – overwhelmed, tired, and unsatisfied. I have sacrificed my sense of self in order to be “good” and “successful” until I found my true purpose.

Three months before my virtual assistant firm turned six years old, I made a sharp left. It was scary. I was on a clear path, my business was growing, I had a team of fifteen lovely people, but I wasn’t living my truth. I took a step back to evaluate what I wanted and walked away from it all so that I could step into who I was meant to be all along. I no longer put my laptop first and my family second. I lean in to what’s important and let go of society’s expectations.  

I began building a business that was more in tune with my lifestyle and made my own self care a priority.  

Reiki showed up in my life guided by divine timing.   It is helping me release accumulated layers of blocked emotions and experiences that swayed me from my own truth.  I’m  connecting with who I truly am and practicing to live without walls while opening my heart to life around me.  

I support clients by intertwining my experience with Entrepreneurship and my gift of helping others heal.  Take one or take all, each service can be combined or hand-picked to serve you where you are right now. There are no dividing lines or one size fits all.  

Just as I give myself, I give my clients a safe honest place to dream, be bold, release and rejuvenate. We are so close to our lives, our roles, our challenges and goals that we can’t get out of the weeds. I can help you. I have a knack for simplicity, seeing the bigger picture to lovingly guide you towards your vision through business coaching support and/or Reiki sessions.

As I continue to explore, expand, experience and grow my own life and business I promise to share what I learn with you. The good, the bad and ridiculously amazing.

Let’s lean in and let go together.


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