The hype.  The rules.  The crap.

There’s only one sustainable way to walk through life and/or to grow a business and that’s to do things how you want to do them. The way that makes you feel good and honors who you are and what you need.  There are so many rules, checklists, expectations and boundaries out there to be “successful” and I’m here to tell you to ignore.them.all if they don’t feel right.

Let go.  Do what you want to do.  It’s your time to soar.

I’m a wife, mom and strategy consultant who has an amazing gift of delivering clarity and simplicity to life and business challenges.  A passionate Reiki Master, a mid-western gal falling in love with hippie traditions, power tools and getting her hands dirty with actual dirt.

We are all here to serve a purpose.  Mine is to embrace and guide others down their own path to success and freedom in a fun way that is easier than they ever believed it could be.

Come on…come with me and let’s see what will serve you right here, right now, just as you are…

 “Angie is my powerhouse! She has helped me work through and find answers to my biggest business and life questions, including how to grow painlessly and work in an easier way.  As a solopreneur who has operated my business on my own for years, taking on support like Angie was a scary thought at first. I wasn’t sure if there was anyone out there who could capture what would serve me best and whom I could trust with every inside detail. Angie is in-tune, on-point and committed to honoring where I am and want to be and stood by me as I’ve made tough choices. She is an amazing ally, resource, and friend.”
Andrea Holland, Holland Communications

“Angie knows the right questions to ask to get me what I need.  She’s open, honest and always clear &  consistent. She has this amazing power to take my ideas & weave them together into something inspiring.”

Luciana Naldi, LucianaNaldi.com

“Working with Angie is a breath of fresh air.  I’ve come to deeply trust her instincts and am inspired after talking with her. I’m grateful to have her!”

April Norris